DeWitt Watches is a watch house in the grand storied tradition of Swiss haute horlogerie but with a definite eye for innovation and pressing forward into the future of concept watch design. In 2003 Jerome de Witt started his own watch company, naming it DeWitt watches, with a manufacture in Vandoeuvres, Switzerland, the hub of the watch world.

His unique vision of original concept watches in eye popping color combinations took the haute world of watches completely by storm and propelled DeWitt Watches to the top of the proverbial food chain, garnering top awards along the way.

The DeWitt Pressy Grande Complication, the debut timepiece of the DeWitt Watches roster, is a classic tourbillon that also features a minute repeater, bi-retrograde perpetual calendar, as well as a fly-back chronograph all in one extraordinary timepiece.

In 2005 DeWitt Watches cemented its reputation for exceptional complicated timepieces when they received top honors at the Grand Prix de d’Horlogerie, with the Academia Tourbillon Differential movement. It adds a patented differential system to its original tourbillon creating a truly innovative work of art. See our current collection of DeWitt Academia watches here at Ashford.com They followed that up with the WX-1 an original concept watch that elevated DeWitt Watches to a whole new level in haute horlogerie. To call the WX-1 a watch is a gross understatement. It is a work of art that combines multiple timekeeping functions in a thoroughly unique and luxurious timepiece way ahead of its time.

DeWitt Watches consistently creates extravagant watches that true watch connoisseurs as well as sophisticated taste makers can appreciate. Their collection offers one of a kind design with exceptional attention to detail and breathtaking beauty that puts DeWitt Watches a cut above the rest. DeWitt Watches creates pieces for both men and women who nurture a love of watches that goes beyond the mere telling of time.

We at Ashford.com offer a great selection of DeWitt watches and we constantly update our inventory with new models, so keep checking back! 고객의 쇼핑 편의를 위해 최소 주문 한도 없이 무료 배송해 드리며, 제품에 만족하지 못한 고객을 위해 30일 환불 보증 정책을 실시합니다.

We also have a great team of customer service specialists who are thoroughly familiar with DeWitt watches and are more than happy to walk you through the incomparable Ashford.com shopping experience.

All our DeWitt watches are authentic and brand new in the original DeWitt packaging and comes along with our two year worry free warranty.

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Dewitt Glorious Knight FTV-CHR-002-S Men's Watch
Holiday: $3,999.00
소매가: $23,000.00
$19,001.00(83%) 할인
Dewitt Glorious Knight FTV-CHR-003-S Men's Watch
Holiday: $3,999.00
소매가: $23,000.00
$19,001.00(83%) 할인
Dewitt Glorious Knight FTV-CHR-002-RFB Men's Watch
Holiday: $3,999.00
소매가: $23,000.00
$19,001.00(83%) 할인
Dewitt Glorious Knight FTV-CHR-001-S Men's Watch
Holiday: $4,271.43
소매가: $23,000.00
$18,728.57(81%) 할인
Dewitt Glorious Knight FTV-CHR-001-RFB Men's Watch
Holiday: $3,999.00
소매가: $23,000.00
$19,001.00(83%) 할인
Dewitt Glorious Knight FTV-HMS-001-S Men's Watch
Holiday: $1,999.00
소매가: $11,000.00
$9,001.00(82%) 할인
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